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  • Windows 945GM Express chipset graphics driver (Intel) for F15, F17, D9, A19 and A20
    Dateiname: 13t007-70.zip
    Windows ZIP 17 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 7a75f2a8b1351de9105e890064b49509f32b6a08

  • Windows Installset (MEN) for F14, F15, F17, F18, D9, A20 and D601
    Dateiname: 13f014-77_iset_win7.zip
    Windows ZIP 26 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 05f1bd6ec8ed0eb93473a5da4723077e08c3556c

  • Windows Installset (MEN) for F14, F15, F17, F18, D9, A20 and D601
    Dateiname: 13md05-70_13f014-77 - installset with mdis5 system package for windows.zip
    Windows ZIP 105 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 8dfb1a081fd9c9073cae7eb72e88aca6058a5924

  • Windows XP GPU and Chipset Driver (AMD) for BC50M, BC50I, BL50W, BL50S, DC15, DC17 and SC24
    Dateiname: 13t025-70.zip
    Windows ZIP 303 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 15d4fa0f9cf9881c6915e8ea8f786e0af06fb160

  • Windows 7 graphics driver (Intel) for SC27
    Dateiname: 13sc27-02.zip
    Windows ZIP 21 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 5a18a69dcccea94efacf8db005559a56ff49fa2e

  • Windows XP 32-bit graphics driver (Intel) for SC27
    Dateiname: 13sc27-00.zip
    Windows ZIP 15 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 021c0a116d85bb7bf3536409e998ff2de3224e3b

  • Windows 7/8 32-bit graphics driver (Intel) for F22P, G22, CB70C, SC25, BL70W and BL70S
    Dateiname: 13t034-70.zip
    Windows ZIP 103 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 3c62d129dd240ea98732c7ca166c07fadd89572c

  • Windows Intel Management Engine Driver (Intel) for G22, F22P and CB70C
    Dateiname: 13t029-70.zip
    Windows ZIP 45 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 5dc57161cdcef956e3bd9e4a834d5e6983077827

  • Windows 64-bit network driver (Intel)
    Dateiname: 13t020-70.zip
    Windows ZIP 39 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 8bb24891e5e225d0812ffde10238c4b9758f5427

  • Windows HD Audio driver (Realtek) for F14, F15, F17, F18, F19P, F21P, F22P, F23P, D9 and A19
    Dateiname: 13t006-70.zip
    Windows ZIP 24 MB

    Sha1-Checksumme: 8821afc846cfb1e0e641c1462c2b7017c957c74b