B11 - MPC8245 CPU Board (Product Discontinued)

The B11 is a high-speed PowerPC based VMEbus SBC with complete single-board computing functionality. It is optimized for industrial requirements in control and instrumentation in terms of functionality, environmental conditions and cost. The CPU card is especially prepared for all types of industrial qualification such as extended temperature range (-40..+85°C), shock, vibration, humidity etc.

The computing core of the B11 is the MPC8245 processor with its internal PowerPC 603 that speeds up to 400MHz clock frequency. The Single-Board Computer is equipped with one SO-DIMM SDRAM slot, a CompactFlash slot and soldered boot Flash. This guarantees maximum flexibility in memory configuration. The B11 hosts two serial interfaces, IDE hard-disk controller, keyboard, mouse and USB as well as a real-time clock and watchdog. Two local PC-MIP mezzanine slots are available for flexible and individual workstation I/O extensions such as Ethernet, graphics, SCSI, additional serial lines, field busses etc.

The non-transparent PCI-to-VME bridge is a very fast and cost-competitive in-house design. Using a dual-ported SRAM, the B11 speeds up to a transfer rate of 7MB/s for master single cycle operations and up to 13MB/s for slave burst operations.

Despite the full functionality of the B11 and even with 2 PC-MIP slots, the complete CPU card needs only one 3U slot in a VMEbus system.

The B11 comes with MENMON support. MENMON is a sort of BIOS which can be used for bootstrapping operating systems (from disk, flash or network), for hardware testing, or for debugging applications without running any operating system.


  • PowerPC MPC8245 up to 400 MHz
  • 1-slot VMEbus master/slave
  • 1 MB ultra-fast DPRAM
  • 512 MB DRAM, CompactFlash
  • Graphics via PC-MIP
  • Ethernet via PC-MIP
  • 2 COMs, IDE, USB, keyboard/mouse
  • PC-MIP slots
  • MENMON BIOS for PowerPC cards
  • -40 to +85°C screened versions