About us

Welcome to the communication and control company

Since 1995, we develop, manufacture and support leading train communication and control solutions for the world market. As a fully integrated company we realize all our processes from technology development and engineering to manufacturing in-house, and can thus guarantee that all our processes and products meet highest quality standards. Our Portfolio includes MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) Interface Cards / Moduls, TRDP (Train Realtime Data Protocol) Cards /Moduls as well as Gatways between the fieldbus are available e.g. MVB to CAN, ETH to MVB...

The continuous growth of our customer and installation base is strong proof of our commitment to quality.

You can be sure to get the highest quality and latest technology from duagon!

Since 2018, duagon and MEN (Mikro Elektronik GmbH) merged to form a leading provider of software and hardware solutions for data processing and communication, especially in railway vehicles.

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