XC4 - ESMini COM Carrier Board

The XC4 is an evaluation and development platform that can be used together with any type of ESMini module. It provides physical interfaces and connectors for nearly all of the modern serial standard I/Os routable from the ESMini connectors to the carrier board. The XC4 comes with one ESMini slot and two PCI Express card slots. The functionality of all connectors depends on the ESMini module used on the XC4. It corresponds to the standard microATX form factor and can therefore operate in a PC system. Additional 4 GB of USB-driven Flash disk for application storage complement the memory configuration that is already available on the ESMini module.

For a first evaluation of the functions and performance of the ESMini module of choice we strongly recommendto use the XC4. Further useful accessories include an external PSU.


  • microATX form factor
  • 1 ESMini computer-on-module slot
  • 2 PCI Express x1 connectors
  • 2 GB USB Flash
  • 1 SATA
  • HD audio in and out
  • 5 USB 2.0 Master, 1 USB 2.0 Client
  • 2 Fast Ethernet
  • 2x CAN bus, 2x RS232 via SA-Adapters
  • 120 FPGA signalsfrom ESMini