SC24 - AMD G-Series SBC for Control of Multiple 12" to 60" Displays (Product Discontinued)

The SC24 is a maintenance-free single-board computer designed to serve as the heart of MEN's box and display computer systems for use in commercial vehicles, mobile machines, railway applications, avionics and industrial automation.

It is powered by an AMD Embedded G-Series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), the T48N, running at 1.4 GHz. The G-Series combines low-power CPUs and advanced GPUs, in this case an AMD Radeon HD 6310, into a single embedded device. The use of the Embedded G-Series makes forhigh scalability in CPU (single/dual core) and graphics performance (various Radeon GPUs or none at all).

The system is equipped with 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM and offers SD card and mSATA slots. It is designed for fanless operation at temperatures from -40 to +85°C. For this it relies on conduction cooling, as realized in the BC50M Box PC, for example, where the entire housing serves as a heat sink for the internal electronics.

It supports up to two pairs of DisplayPort interfaces (two independent images, each sent to one or two display panels) with a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 each. Other I/O includes up to 9 USB 2.0, 2 Gigabit Ethernet channels, 3 PCI Express, up to 5 serial interfaces (4 UARTs also configurable as IBIS or GPS and 1 CAN), HD audio, 1 SATA and various GPIO, e.g., for status LEDs.

The SC24 is not meant to be used as a stand-alone board, as all I/O is collected on two pairs of AirMax VS connectors - one for all graphics interfaces and one for all remaining I/O, allowing for flexible configuration on separate boards. By using the necessary interface boards like an AE51 or similar customer-specific solutions, the signals can be made available on standard connectors and various types of wide-range PSUs can be added. An I/O board can also offer the option of additional mass storage via the SC24's SATA interface and connections to other periphery, e.g., PCI Express Mini cards via the PCIe interface. Used in combination with the AE51 interface board and its integrated PSU, the unit is compliant with EN 50155 andISO 7637-2 (E-mark for automotive).

The combination of the various CPU/GPU options with easily customized interface boards makes for an extremely flexible system design that can quickly be tailored to a vast number of applications.


  • For LCD TFT panels from 12" to 60"
  • AMD T48N, 1.4 GHz
  • 2x2 DisplayPort interfaces
  • Maximum resolution 2560x1600
  • Up to 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet
  • SD card and mSATA slots
  • Prepared for -40 to +85°C operating temperature
  • Optimized for conductive cooling


AMD Embedded G-Series T48N Dual-Core
  • 1.4 GHz processor core frequency
  • Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), also includes GPU (see Graphics)
Controller Hub
  • 64 KB L1 and 512 KB L2 cache
  • 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory
    • Soldered
    • 1333 MT/s (667 MHz)
Mass Storage
  • One SD card slot
    • Via USB
  • One mSATA slot
    • Transfer rate up to 3 Gbit/s
  • AMD Radeon HD 6310
    • Dual independent display support
    • 2x2 DisplayPort 1.1a interfaces
    • Maximum resolution: 2560x1600
    • Embedded in T48N APU
  • 3D Graphics Acceleration
    • Full DirectX 11 support, including full speed 32-bit floating point per component operations
    • Shader Model 5
    • OpenCL 1.1 support
    • OpenGL 4.0 support
  • Motion Video Acceleration
    • Dedicated hardware (UVD 3) for H.264, VC-1 and MPEG2 decoding
    • HD HQV and SD HQV support: noise removal, detail enhancement, color enhancement, cadence detection, sharpness, and advanced de-interlacing
    • Super up-conversion for SD to HD resolutions
Graphics interfaces via two 72-pin AirMax VS graphics connectors
  • 2x2 DisplayPort
    • DisplayPort A and B with AUX channel and hot plug detection
    • DisplayPort C and D are duplicates of A and B
  • 4 USB 2.0
Other I/O via two 72-pin AirMax VS I/O connectors
  • 5 USB 2.0
  • 2 Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T channels
  • 1 SATA interface for HDD/SSD
    • SATA Revision 3.x support
    • Transfer rates up to 600 MB/s (6 Gbit/s)
  • 4 UART or IBIS, GPS
  • 1 CAN bus
  • 3 PCI Express x1
    • Three x1 links
    • PCIe 2.x support
    • Data rate 500 MB/s in each direction (5 Gbit/s per lane)
  • Various GPIO (e.g., for status LEDs)
  • HD audio
    • HD audio codec
    • Audio stereo in
    • Audio stereo out
    • SPDIF out
Real-Time Clock
Buffered by power source on connected interface board
Electrical Specifications
  • Supply voltage: 12 VDC nom. ±10%
  • Power consumption: Up to 25 W
Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions: approx. 170 mm x 90 mm x 30 mm
  • Weight: approx. 200 g
Environmental Specifications
  • Temperature range (operation):
    • -40 to +85°C depending on cooling concept
    • Sufficient conduction cooling required
  • Temperature range (storage): -40..+85°C
  • Relative humidity (operation): max. 95% non-condensing
  • Relative humidity (storage): max. 95% non-condensing
  • Altitude: -300 m to +3,000 m
  • Shock: 50 m/s², 30 ms
  • Vibration (function): 1 m/s², 5 Hz - 150 Hz
  • Vibration (lifetime): 7.9 m/s², 5 Hz - 150 Hz
  • Conformal coating on request
tbd. h @ 40°C according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000)
PCB manufactured with a flammability rating of 94V-0 by UL recognized manufacturers
  • Conforming to EN 55022 (radio disturbance), IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC 61000-4-4 (burst)
  • Prepared for certification according to ISO 7637-2 (E-mark) requirements when used in combination with an AE51 I/O board
BIOS/Boot Loader
InsydeH2O UEFI Framework
Software Support


Short-form Data Sheet
User Manuals
Windows XP Embedded BSP (MEN) for F11S, F14, F15, F17, F18, F19P, F21P, G20, XM1, XM1L, XM2, MM1, MM2, DC1, DC2, DC13, RC1, BC50I, BC50M, BL50W and BL50S
(ZIP, 168 MB, Windows)
Windows Embedded Standard 7 BSP
(ZIP, 1 GB, Windows)
Linux driver (MEN) for RX-8581/RX-8571 real-time clock (RTC)
(ZIP, 5 KB, Linux)
Linux I2C controller driver (MEN) for box PCs and panel PCs
(ZIP, 11 KB, Linux)
MDIS4 system package (MEN) for QNX
(ZIP, 14 MB, QNX)
MDIS5 System Package (MEN) for VxWorks
(ZIP, 19 MB, VxWorks)
Windows Installset (MEN) for SC24, SC25, BC50M, BC50I, BL50W, BL50S, BL70W, BL70S, DC15 and DC17
(ZIP, 111 MB, Windows)
MDIS5 System Package (MEN) for Linux
(ZIP, 12 MB, Linux)
Windows Installset (MEN) for SC24, SC25, BC50M, BC50I, BL50W, BL50S, BL70W, BL70S, DC15 and DC17
(ZIP, 31 MB, Windows)
Windows 32-bit network driver (Intel)
(ZIP, 47 MB, Windows)
Windows 64-bit network driver (Intel)
(ZIP, 39 MB, Windows)
Windows XP GPU and Chipset Driver (AMD) for BC50M, BC50I, BL50W, BL50S, DC15, DC17 and SC24
(ZIP, 303 MB, Windows)
Windows Vista/7/8 GPU and Chipset Driver (AMD) for BC50M, BC50I, BL50W, BL50S, DC15, DC17, SC24 and G214
(ZIP, 778 MB, Windows)
Linux GPU and Chipset Driver (AMD) for BC50M, BC50I, BL50W, BL50S, DC15, DC17, SC24 and G214
(ZIP, 115 MB, Linux)
HD Audio Driver (VIA) for SC24, SC25, BC50M, BL50W, BL50S, BL70W, BL70S, DC15 and DC17
(ZIP, 138 MB, Windows)
Windows FPGA update tool (MEN)
(ZIP, 7 MB, Windows)
Windows ERTC/SMB support package (MEN)
(ZIP, 13 MB, Windows)
Application Notes
Errata & Technical Information