M54 - DC Motor Controller (Product Discontinued)

The mezzanine card M54 is a motor controller that is suited for all types of motors that have a ±10V DC control input and that can provide a position feedback information using an incremental encoder (e.g. servo motors).

The motor controller componenton the M54 is able to move a motor to a specific position at a specific speed. The PID values for the controller can be defined by software and thus be adapted to the motor used.

In addition there are eight binary inputs and two binary outputs, which are isolated from each other, from the analog output and from the system.

The M54 is based on the M-Module ANSI mezzanine standard. It can be used as an I/O extension in any type of bus system, i.e. CPCI, VME or on any type of stand-alone SBC. Appropriate M-Module carrier cards in 3U, 6U and other formats are available from duagon or other manufacturers.


  • 1 LM628 supported channel
  • For every motor type with ±10 V control input
  • Position and velocity operation
  • Quadrature incremental encoder interface
  • PID values programmable
  • RS422 or TTL, ±10 V, 1 relay output
  • Additional binary I/O
  • Optical isolation
  • Not conforming to RoHS