D512 - Ethernet Repeater

Full duplex 2-port Ethernet Repeater


  • Supports all Ethernet protocols
  • Full duplex
  • Very low latency
  • Full 100Mbit bandwidth
  • Battery voltage input

The D512 is a compact full duplex 2-port Ethernet repeater for railway applications that is completely transparent to all Ethernet protocols and offers full 100Mbit bandwidth in full duplex mode. It allows the integration of any remote device or sub-network into an Ethernet network, and thanks to its low latency, it is ideal to bridge long distances in redundant ring topologies.

The D512 is intended to enable 100BASE-TX connections of more than 100 meters (for connections with a high number of connectors and / or long patch cables the limit is even less than 100 meters).

The two Ethernet ports support 100BASE-TX, Auto-Crossover and Auto-Negotiation. They are equipped with M12 connectors to guarantee a reliable connection. The D512 is powered directly from the train battery (24V to 110V) or from PoE (IEEE802.3af).

As an option, the repeater can be ordered with a customer defined configuration for the Ethernet ports (default: Auto-Negotiation and Auto-Crossing on).

The D512 is designed for harsh rolling stock environment and fully compliant to EN 50155, IEC 61375 and IEEE 802.3.


Further Products

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