ME10 - 5G Wireless Communication Module for Embedded Computer System

Extension for Various Applications

The ME10 is a modular extension for embedded applications in transportation, e.g., in trains or wayside and is the perfect solution for communication from the train to the back office. The module adds wireless connectivity to the system CPU. Main applications of the module include predictive maintenance, IoT gateway, diagnostics server, smart vehicle, passenger information and ticketing systems.

5G Connectivity

The ME10 comes with two M.2 slots. One of them is by default equipped with a 5G module, the second M.2 slot is prepared for redundant mode. For each M.2 slot, two front-accessible micro-SIM card slots are available. Two eSIM cards are available on request. The PCI Express Mini Card slot is equipped with a WLAN module. A high-precision GNSS receiver is also provided.

Modular System for Easy Configuration

Due to duagon's modular concept, the ME10 offers flexibility in built-to-order configurations. Via its extension connectors, the box can be easily combined with pre-fabricated CPU modules or other extension modules, for example a PSU or removable storage shuttles, providing additional features and short delivery times.

In the modular system, the data transfer between the modules as well as the power distribution between the individual components takes place via the extension connectors standardized by duagon.

Flexible System Installation

Various mounting options facilitate the integration of the box into an existing environment. The standard 35 mm DIN Rail mounting offers space saving mounting of all system modules on a single rail. Wall mounting and mounting in a 19" rack using adaption brackets are an option.

The aluminum housing with cooling fins allows fanless operation. ME10 has no moving parts, making it maintenance free.

Rolling Stock Qualified and Long-Term Availability

The 5G communication module is qualified for rolling stock and wayside applications as well as for industrial automation applications. Long-term availability ensures an extended product life and future-safety.


  • 5G via M.2
  • 4 micro-SIM card slots
  • WLAN via PCIe Mini Card
  • GNSS receiver
  • Conduction cooling of modems
  • DIN rail, wall or 19" rack mounting
  • -40 °C to +70 °C (+85 °C), fanless