F210 - GSM/GPS/UART Interface (Product Discontinued)

The F210 is a rugged single Eurocard CompactPCI GSM/GPS/UART interface that needs only one slot on the CompactPCI bus.

The board is equipped with a GSM-R device that is used in rolling stock and commercial vehicles like buses or trucks. GSM-R was specified to support train safety and is introduced at the UIC organization as EIRENE (European Integrated Railway radio Enhanced NEtwork) project. The F210 supports the EGSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequency bands.

A separate GPS device is implemented on the F210 to combine the receiving function of any kind of positioning data with the transmitting possibilities of a mobile phone. The highly sensitive GPS receiver supports 20-channel GPS technology, and is capable of acquisition and tracking in very low signal-strength environments. This allows effective and reliable operation in all scenarios.

The GPS and GSM units are optically isolated from all other parts of the board.

In addition to the GPS and GSM functionality the F210 offers two SA-Adapter slots for serial interfaces with RS232 or RS422 or RS485 line drivers, with or without isolation.

As an option, another three SA-Adapters can be connected to the F210 for user-defined functions like even more serial interfaces (synchronous/asynchronous) and/or fieldbusinterfaces like CAN bus or IBIS. These user-defined functions can be implemented as IP cores in an onboard FPGA.

Robust Reverse SMA connectors provide the physical interface to the external GSM and GPS antennas.

The F210 is screened for extended operation temperature and conformally coated for use in harsh and mobile environments.


  • 4 HP 32-bit/33-MHz CompactPCI
  • GSM-R (Rail) EGSM 900 / GSM 1800
  • GPS according to NMEA 0183
  • GPS and GSM optically isolated from other functions
  • 2 UARTs via SA-Adapters
  • FPGA for further user-defined functions
  • 2 Reverse SMA connectors to external antennas
  • -40°C to +85°C screened
  • Conformal coating