F205 - M-Module Carrier Board for 2 Mezzanine Cards

The F205 is a 3U M-Module carrier board for universal I/O on the CompactPCI bus. It allows high flexibility in applications such as data acquisition or process control.

The F205 is slightly higher than standard 3U format, providing enough space for two M-Modules while staying compatible with CompactPCI housings through special guide rails already included in the delivery. M-Modules are screwed tightly on the board and require no separately mounted transition panel.

The F205 offers developers instant access to more than 70 different M-Modules for I/O in fields such as process I/O, measurement, instrumentation, motion control, communication, and development.


  • 1 CompactPCI bus slot
  • 2 M-Module slots
  • -40 °C to +85 °C
  • PICMG CompactPCI peripheral card (limited mechanical compliance)