F100 - CompactPCI to CompactPCI Serial Interface Card (Product Discontinued)

The F100 is used in combination with the G100 to connect a CompactPCI Serial system to a CompactPCI system. The CompactPCI Serial backplane and the CompactPCI backplane can either be located in one housing or in two separate ones.

The F100 is plugged into the system slot of the CompactPCI system. It is equipped with a PCI-Express-to-PCI bridge which acts as a master for up to 7 PCI devices. It supports 32-bit and 33-MHz.

The F100 is connected to the G100 via a PCI Express cable at the front panel which can have a length of up to 7 m. The G100 is located in a peripheral slot of the CompactPCI system.

Optionally the F100 can also be used without the G100 if the PCI Express x1 link is led to the board via the backplane. For this, a special backplane isneeded, however. Another possibility is to directly control a CompactPCI system using an external PC (e.g. a notebook) for evaluating or programming the application.

The board is qualified for operation in the extended temperature range of -40 up to +85°C.


  • 4 HP 32-bit/33-MHz CompactPCI
  • Replaces system slot card
  • For operation together with G100 peripheral slot card for CompactPCI Serial
  • 1 PCI Express x1 link


General Functionality
Used in combination with G100 as an interface from a CompactPCI Serial system to a CompactPCI system
PCI Express
  • One x1 link on 18-pin front connector (optionally from the backplane)
    • According to PCI Express Cabling Specification Rev. 1.0
  • PCI-Express-to-PCI bridge
    • Supports up to 7 PCI slots as a master
  • Data rate up to 250 MB/s in each direction (2.5 Gbit/s per lane)
CompactPCI Bus
  • Compliance with CompactPCI Core Specification PICMG 2.0 R3.0
  • System slot
  • 32-bit/33-MHz PCI-Express-to-PCI bridge
  • V(I/O): +3.3 V (+5 V tolerant)
Electrical Specifications
Supply voltage/power consumption:
  • +5 V (+/-10%), 5 mA typ.
  • +3.3 V (+/-10%), 700 mA typ.
Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions: conforming to CompactPCI specification for 3U boards
  • Weight: 132 g
Environmental Specifications
  • Temperature range (operation):
    • -40..+85°C
    • Airflow: min. 1.0 m/s
  • Temperature range (storage): -40..+85°C
  • Relative humidity (operation): max. 95% non-condensing
  • Relative humidity (storage): max. 95% non-condensing
  • Altitude: -300 m to + 3,000 m
  • Shock: 15 g, 11 ms
  • Bump: 10 g, 16 ms
  • Vibration (sinusoidal): 1 g, 10..150 Hz
  • Conformal coating on request
1,763,401 h @ 40°C according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000)
PCB manufactured with a flammability rating of 94V-0 by UL recognized manufacturers
Conforming to EN 55022 (radio disturbance), IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC 61000-4-4 (burst)