XM50 - ESMexpress COM with PowerPC MPC8548 (Product Discontinued)

The XM50 is a computer-on-module of the ESMexpress family controlled by an integrated PowerPC MPC8548 or MPC8543 CPU processor (optionally with encryption unit) with clock frequencies between 800 MHz and 1.5 GHz. Together with an application-specific carrier board it forms a semi-custom solution for industrial, harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments.

The XM50 accommodates up to 2 GB of directly soldered ECC main memory and supports other memory like USB Flash on the carrier board. It also features industrial FRAM and SRAM.

Interfaces from the MPC8548 are all routed from the XM50 for availability on any ESMexpress carrier board. Those interfaces include up to three Gigabit Ethernet channels, 8 PCI Express lanes for one link (x4, x2 or x1, or x8as an option), triple SATA, 6 USB host ports and one USB client realized using a UART-to-USB converter. Additional COM interfaces can be made available on the carrier board via USB to COM conversion.

The XM50 comes with MENMON support. This firmware/BIOS can be used for bootstrapping operating systems (from disk, Flash or network), for hardware testing, or for debugging applications without running any operating system.

The XM50 is screened for operation in a -50°C to +85°C conduction or convection cooled environment. As all ESMexpress modules it is embedded in a covered frame. This ensures EMC protection and allows efficient conductive cooling. Air cooling is also possible by applying a heat sink on top of the cover. Where operating temperatures are moderate, the module may even do without the frame and cover, with a suitable low-power processor and airflow. ESMexpress modules are firmly screwed to a carrier board and come with rugged industry-proven connectors supporting high frequency and differential signals. Only soldered components are used to withstand shock and vibration, and the design is optimized for conformal coating. All ESMexpress modules support a single 95x125mm form factor.

For evaluation and development purposes an ATX carrier board is available. The ESMexpress module can be evaluated on a COM Express carrier board via an adapter from ESMexpress to COM Express.


  • MPC8548 (or MPC8543), up to 1.5 GHz
  • Up to 2 GB (ECC) DDR2 SDRAM
  • Up to 128 KB FRAM, 2 MB SRAM
  • 3 (or 2) Gb Ethernet ports
  • 6 USB 2.0, 1 USB client
  • 3 SATA ports
  • 1 PCI Express x4
  • MENMON BIOS for PowerPC cards
  • -50°C to +85°C Tcase screened
  • Conduction cooling