SA24M - IBIS Master

The SA24M provides one IBIS master interface with an external 24V supply. While a fieldbus master controls the data traffic, the data transfer between master and slave participants is initiated only by the master.

IBIS is a fieldbus used in public transport vehicles. It is based on a UART structure and can therefore be combined with MEN boards that support any kind of UART interfaces together with SA-Adapter slots.

SA-Adapters are small universal boards providing the physics for legacy serial I/O, fieldbus interfaces and other small I/O functions. One serial line is provided per adapter, which can be plugged directly to the CPU board as a mezzanine. Alternatively, the adapter can be connected to the front panel via ribbon cable. The SA concept allows to add additional I/O interfaces to many of MEN's CPU boards and box PCs, enhancing flexibility with regard to the line transceivers and isolation requirements. Whether a specific SA-Adapter (or a mix of different SA-Adapters) fits on a specific CPU board is determined by a combination of mechanical, performance, FPGA and operating system criteria and needs to be verified for every board configuration requested.


  • 1 channel master
  • Over-current and short-cut protection
  • Optical isolation
  • -40 °C to +85 °C