F603 - Side Card USB/COM (Product Discontinued)

The F603 is a 4HP mixed USB/COM extension card for 3U Intel based CompactPCI single-board computers. It can be used in combination with the F14 and compatible CPU boards.

Modern Intel based boards increasingly support USB interfaces as an exclusive universal connection of devices such as keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM, floppy etc. Especially in industrial applications however many existing systems still use legacy I/O.

Thus, the F603 provides one COM interface as well as two more USB 2.0 interfaces that extend the Single-Board Computer functionality to 4 USB ports at the front panel.

In addition an onboard 2.5" SATA hard-disk slot and a CompactFlash slot is available on the F603.

The F603 is directly plugged to the right side of the respective single-board computer. A robust connector makes for high mechanical stability. It is delivered with an 8HP front panel, replacing the 4HP front panel of a 3U single-board computer and thus resulting in a solid one-piece front panel.


  • 4 HP extension for 3U Intel SBCs F14, F15, F17, F18, F19P, F21P
  • 1 RS232
  • 2 USB 2.0
  • 2.5" SATA hard-disk slot
  • CompactFlash slot