D517 - Secure Gateway

The D517 is a secure Ethernet-to-Ethernet gateway. The integrated firewall implements a design-time configurable packet filter.

Most settings can be managed by a configuration file. This configuration file is stored in the internal flash memory. The packet filter configuration may be frozen for series production (i.e. the serial interface is completely disabled).

There are two Ethernet interfaces, a serial interface and a JTAG interface for software update and debugging purposes. The Ethernet interfaces comply to IEEE 802.3.

The D517 is designed for harsh rolling stock environment and complies with the EN 50155 / EN 50121 / EN 61373 standards, e.g. by:

-40 to +70°C operating temperature

coating against humidity

enhanced EMI and vibration robustness

The gateway is integrated in a stainless-steel housing that is mounted on a DIN rail. The device is powered directly from the vehicle battery supporting voltages ranges from 24 V up to 110 V.


  • Secure Ethernet gateway with integrated firewall.
  • Configurable Ethernet packet filter implemented in firewall, most settings can be managed by configuration file.
  • Directly powered from the vehicle battery; supporting voltages ranges from 24V up to 110V.