CB71 - Rugged COM Express Module with AMD Ryzen Embedded

Truly Rugged COM Express Module

The CB71 is a rugged COM Express module with Type 6 Pin-Out for demanding applications in the railway, public transportation and industrial markets. Its high-performance features match the requirements of applications like data acquisition, infotainment, transcoding or live 3D. The rugged CB71 is designed for operation from -40 °C to +85 °C. To withstand serious shock and vibration, only soldered-down components are used. The design is optimized for conformal coating.

Versions for Extremely Harsh Environments

For applications that need reliable operation even under the harshest environmental conditions, a specially hardened version is available - the CB71C. CB71C modules are embedded in a closed aluminum frame that ensures optimum EMC protection and efficient conduction cooling. Direct air cooling is possible by placing a heat sink on the cover. The innovative mechanical design around the COM.0 electronics makes it an ultra-rugged module.

Powerful Processing and Graphics on a Single Chip

The CB71 is based on AMD's Ryzen Embedded V1000/R1000 APU family. It is equipped with a Radeon Vega next-generation 3D graphics engine and supports up to 4 displays with a resolution of up to 4k without the need for additional graphics hardware. With two (R1000) or four (V1000) high-performance processor cores and AMD-V extension, the CB71 is also suitable for virtualization.

Excellent Price/Performance Ratio, Flexible Design

The CB71 can be equipped with an R1000 dual-core APU or a V1000 quad-core APU offering long-term availability and scalable performance and supporting ECC. Passive cooling is possible with low-power versions.

Safety and Security

The board features an advanced board management controller with monitoring functions for safety-relevant applications. In addition, the CB71 has a Trusted Platform Module and supports hardware memory encryption, providing protection against both physical and inter-VM storage attacks. This is essential for security-critical applications such as payment and ticketing terminals, fleet management or monitoring.

Memory and I/O

The CB71 can be equipped with up to 32 GB of directly soldered DDR4 main memory and up to 64 GB eMMC. Available high-speed interfaces include PCI Express 3.0 links, DDI (DP, eDP, HDMI), SATA 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0.


  • AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000/R1000 APU
  • Up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM with ECC
  • Up to 4 Digital Display Interfaces (DP, eDP, HDMI, DVI)
  • Hardware memory encryption
  • Safety-relevant supervision functions
  • Virtualization-ready
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • -40 °C to +85 °C Tcase, depending on processor
  • Conduction cooling
  • Compliant with COM Express Basic, type 6
  • PICMG COM.0 and Ultra-Rugged COM versions


The following CPU types are supported:
  • AMD V1404I, 4 cores, 4 threads, 2.0 GHz, 15 W, 2 MB cache, Vega GPU with 6 CUs
  • AMD V1807B, 4 cores, 8 threads, 3.35 GHz, 35-54 W, 2 MB cache, Vega GPU with 11 CUs
  • AMD R1606G, 2 cores, 4 threads, 2.6 GHz, 12-25 W, 1 MB cache, Vega GPU with 3 CUs
System RAM
  • Soldered DDR4, ECC
  • 32 GB max.
TPM (Trusted Platform Module 2.0)
Mass Storage
The following mass storage devices are assembled:
  • eMMC (soldered); 16 GB
  • Processor graphics
  • Maximum resolution: 4096 x 2160 pixels @ 60 Hz, 36 bpp
  • This product includes interface options
    • Available interfaces depend on the processor type
  • SATA
    • 2x SATA Revision 3.x, board to board
  • Video
    • 3x DDI, board to board
    • 1x eDP 1.4, board to board
  • Audio
    • 1x, board to board
    • HD Audio
  • USB
    • 3x USB 3.1, board to board
    • 3x USB 2.0, board to board
  • PCI Express
    • 1x PCIe 3.0, x4, board to board
    • 4x PCIe 3.0, x1, board to board
    • 2x PCIe 2.0, x1, board to board
  • Ethernet
    • 1x 1000BASE-T, board to board
  • Serial
    • 2x UART, board to board
    • Physical interfaces, e.g., RS232 or RS422/RS485, depending on implementation on carrier board
  • GPIO
    • 4 × GPI non-isolated, board to board
    • 4 × GPO non-isolated, board to board
  • Reset
    • 1x, board to board
Supervision and Control
  • Board management controller
  • Watchdog timer
  • Temperature measurement
  • Real-time clock
Product Standard
  • Basic, Type 6, PICMG COM.0 COM Express Module Base Specification
  • Basic, Type 6, Ultra-Rugged COM
Electrical Specifications
  • Supply voltage
    • +12 V (9.5 to 15.5 V)
  • Power consumption
    • 6 W to 65 W max., depending on processor type and load
Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions
    • COM Express Basic: (W) 125 mm, (D) 95 mm
    • Ultra-Rugged COM Basic with cover and frame: (W) 135 mm, (D) 105 mm, (H) 18 mm
  • Weight
    • tbd. g (model 01Axxx-yy)
  • Cooling
    • Conduction cooling
Environmental Specifications
  • Temperature range (operation)
    • -40 °C to +85 °C Tcase (conduction cooling cover/frame), compliant with EN 50155:2007, class TX (model 15CB71C00)
  • Temperature range (storage): -40 °C to +85 °C, compliant with EN 50155:2007
  • Humidity: EN 50155:2007 (+25/+55 °C, 90-100 %)
  • Altitude: -300 m to +3000 m
  • Shock: EN 61373:2010
    • Location: Vehicle body (Cat. 1; Class B)
  • Vibration: EN 61373: 2010
    • Location: Vehicle body (Cat. 1; Class B)
MTBF: 363 958 h predicted @ 40°C according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000) (model 15CB71C00)
  • Electrical Safety
    • EN 50155:2007
    • EN 50153:2014
    • EN 50124-1:2001 + A1:2003 + A2:2005
  • Fire Protection
    • EN 45545-2, hazard level HL3
EMC (Railway)
  • Radiated Emission: EN 50121-3-2:2015
  • Conducted Emission: EN 50121-3-2:2015
  • Immunity: EN 50121-3-2:2015
EMC (Automotive)
ECE R10 Rev.5 (E-mark)
BIOS/Boot Loader
AMI Aptio UEFI Firmware
Software Support