A302 - 128-Channel Binary I/O Card (Product Discontinued)

The A302 is an input/output VMEbus target board for 128 binary process signals. The I/Os are divided into four optically isolated units. The card is used for input/output of digital signals with different voltage levels and ground references.

For each unit 32 channels are driven to a 44-pin D-Sub connector. Each channel can be either input or output.

The binary inputs/outputs can be universally used in industrial systems. They are optically isolated from the system, which is essential for advanced automotive and industrial applications.


  • 1-slot A24/D16 VMEbus slave
  • 4 optically isolated units
  • 32 channels for each unit
  • Individual use of each channel as input or output
  • Individual edge-triggered interrupts
  • Input/output load on ground
  • High-side output switches
  • Output current 1.9 Aper channel or 16 A per unit
  • Over-current and over-temperature protection