duagon offers a suite of I/O products, including rugged remote I/O modules and programmable controllers with inbuilt I/O capabilities.

duagon’s I/O modules are flexible, rail-hardened units used throughout the world for control and monitoring applications. Designed for high reliability applications, the EIO and RIO line of products provide Analogue and Digital Inputs and Outputs, as well as galvanically isolated Analogue and Digital Inputs and Outputs through either RS485 or Ethernet connections. 

The range of programmable controllers are a compact, flexible combination of processing, I/O and communications interfaces designed for railway subsystem control and monitoring. In addition to Analogue and Digital I/O, the units feature software configurable I/O for increased versatility.

The modular controllers combine processing and communications interfaces with Analogue and Digital I/O capabilities. Constructed from EN50155 compliant components, the controller’s modularity allows modification to meet specific customer requirements.


Expand any system with various I/O functions like graphics, Ethernet, UARTs, USB and memory, configure a complete solution for any application and offer the necessary flexibility to support various system platforms.


Key Products