MH50C - duagon SAFE CONTROL Vital System Controller

MH50C is a central controller of the duagon SAFE CONTROL (d-SC) System. It is a modular system platform usable for safety-critical train applications like train control, automatic train operation (ATO) and automatic train protection (ATP) up to SIL 4 (EN5012x) or SIL3 (IEC61508).

Modular I/O Configuration

Being based on modular 40 HP CompactPCI, the system is always configured with a safe system CPU, a real-time Ethernet card, a power supply unit and a shelf controller. Other cards are added as built-to-order (BTO) options or by the user. The safe I/O cards support the common I/O requirements requested in trains.

The composition of safe CPU card, safe train I/Os and interfaces, such as MVB, CAN or serial interfaces to connect to legacy train equipment makes the controller ideal for use in safety-critical rolling stock applications.

Application-Ready, Open Platform

The MH50C is an application-ready, open platform. This means that the user adds his application based on the basic operating system and driver software.

Part of duagon SAFE CONTROL System

d-SC is a modular SIL 4 certifiable family of CompactPCI-based standard products usable for every kind of safety-critical railway application - from a single function to the main control system of the train. It can be configured to control anything in the train that requires functional safety with requirements from SIL 1 up to SIL 4.

d-SC communicates via standard real-time Ethernet and can be configured to interface to any type of consist fieldbus network like MVB, CANopen, Profinet etc. This makes it easy to integrate into a TCN network as well as into regionally different Train Control Systems like ETCS, CTCS, ATCS or Klub-U. The high level of flexibility of d-SC results in significant cost and time savings during computerization of the train.

Certification and Standards Compliance

d-SC components come with certification packages and complete support for the safe operating system QNX, including safe protocols, and provides the technical possibility to run a safety PLC, again saving cost and time for implementation and for certification of the final system. d-SC is developed according to EN 50128 and EN 50129 standards and complies with the environmental requirements for railway applications: temperature class TX, shock, vibration, humidity, dust, isolation, PSU hold-up times, EMC regulations etc.

Mounting and Cooling Options

The system can be wall or rack-mounted, and is cooled using an additional fan tray at the bottom of the system. Cooling is independent of the mounting position.


  • For Applications up to SIL4 (EN5012x) or SIL3 (IEC61508)
  • Certified safe CPU board with 3 CPUs
  • Safe I/O boards
  • QNX safe operating system available
  • Certification packages available
  • Extensible by distributed safe I/O boxes connected via real-time Ethernet
  • Optional MVB, RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN, GPS
  • Compact 40 HP application-ready system
  • Rack-mounted or wall-mounted
  • For rolling stock and wayside applications