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  • Data Sheet
    File Name: bl72e data sheet.pdf
    PDF 636 KB
  • File Name: d507 data sheet.pdf
    PDF 1 MB
  • File Name: d507 short data sheet.pdf
    PDF 190 KB
  • Application Note
    File Name: application note: f23p, f75p, g23 exchanging the lithium battery.pdf
    PDF 670 KB
  • A25 User Manual
    File Name: a25 user manual.pdf
    PDF 4 MB
  • Data Sheet
    File Name: a25 data sheet.pdf
    PDF 354 KB
  • Windows Installset for BBIS (MEN)
    File Name: 13bb00-77 - installset without mdis system package for
    Windows ZIP 32 MB

    SHA1 Checksum: 448765090bb09f5afda3605eab749fb0af6a5f2d

  • Linux UART driver (duagon) for ASIX AX99100 controller
    File Name:
    Linux ZIP 34 KB

    SHA1 Checksum: 84cac23e9fe1e64198b5fb52f58fa52e459fb33c

  • Linux wireless interface configuration tool (duagon) for F229, G239 and ME10
    File Name:
    ZIP 357 KB

    SHA1 Checksum: 403040f50cb9c7b01307edc663880f43e82c66d1

  • Data Sheet
    File Name: bc51m data sheet.pdf
    PDF 769 KB