About us

Your leading global partner for reliable, highly sophisticated embedded products used in regulated critical applications

duagon AG, a swiss based company powered by the strong brands duagon, MEN and OEM, is a leading supplier for communication, computing and control technology for mission-critical applications in the railway and embedded electronics market. Our superior software and hardware IP creates highly reliable, innovative, safe and rugged products enabling customers to shape their technology roadmap. duagon AG – leading the embedded future.

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We are the leading global partner for reliable, highly sophisticated embedded products used in regulated, critical applications.


We supply best-in class reliable embedded products for railway, medical and other critical applications. Our customers consider us as 1st choice regarding innovation, quality, operational excellence and life cycle management.



We never compromise on quality, we keep our promises, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards concerning quality and safety

Long-lasting products in the field, produced according to highest safety standards and long-term relationships to customers and suppliers guarantees highest reliability.



We accept personal accountability, taking the long-term success of the company in mind

Company goals, good as well as bad performance are communicated transparent to every single employee. This ensures team-spirit and that all employees work for one common goal: The success of the company.


Execution Excellence

We do what we do fast and without compromising on quality; delivering on or exceeding customer expectation with the goal of continuous improvement.

Having everything under one-roof, short decision-making processes, flat hierarchies and widespread general openness to ideas, we execute excellence.



We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.

Our company follows a zero-tolerance politic if it comes to integrity and the same we expect from our customers, partners and suppliers.



We comply with all international, ethical guidelines such as no child labor sentence and take in total responsibility for our acting - internally toward employees, externally concerning our local communities and the environment.