RS2 - Unmanaged 8-Port Ethernet Switch with PoE (Product Discontinued)

The RS2 is an industrial, IP67 stand-alone Fast Ethernet switch. It is unmanaged and provides eight Ethernet channels and a Gigabit uplink port on M12 connectors.

The rugged switch supports full-duplex and half-duplex operation with auto-negotiation, high-speed non-blocking store-and-forward switching, Quality of Service (QoS) support with four traffic classes IEEE 802.1p and three-level 802.1x security. The switch is fault tolerant and restores itself on its own: If a link is temporarily unavailable, frames can be sent via backup/redundant links (link aggregation) and no data loss occurs. Its built-in test mechanisms make the RS2 an even more reliable component in the communication system.

By using an application-specific configuration EEPROM, the RS2 can act similarly to a managed switch with fixed settings. This enables features untypical for unmanaged models like 802.1p priority and port based priority, port based VLAN or IEEE 802.1q VLAN IDs. Additionally, a service port is accessible at thefront panel on an M12 connector, enabling authorized personnel to configure the switch via an SPI interface.

The RS2 has two power inputs on M12 connectors, making it possible to connect a backup power source (e.g., a battery). If the primary supply fails, the unit switches to the secondary supply automatically. The unit offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) PSE functionality to supply two other devices on ports 1 and 2.

The RS2 is one of the first members of the MIPIOS family of extremely rugged IP67 compliant products designed for Ethernet connectivity and highly demanding applications, e.g., for redundancy systems.

The industrial-grade unit is fully compliant with EN 50155 railway standard. All components inside the enclosure are specified for -40..+85°C operation, thus enabling the device for EN 50155 class Tx operation. Additionally, the device is is compliant to ISO 7637-2 (E-mark for automotive). Convection cooling is sufficient. There are no socketed components, hardening the box against shock and vibration. The internal electronics are prepared for conformal coating.

The Ethernet switch is prepared for wall or DIN-rail mounting.


  • Unmanaged 8-port rugged Ethernet switch
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure (220 x 130 x 70 mm)
  • Fanless and maintenance-free
  • 8 Fast Ethernet ports via M12 connectors
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) PSE (ports 1 and 2)
  • 2x 24 VDC or 110 VDC nom. redundant power supply, service interface via M12 connectors
  • Status LEDs for ports, PoE and switch state
  • -40 to +70(+85)°C operating temperature
  • EN 50155 class Tx (railways) and IP67 compliant
  • ISO 7637-2 compliant (E-mark for automotive)