PX6 - Security Smart Card Reader

Standard PCI Express Mini Card

The PX6 is a Full-Mini PCI Express Mini Card with a smart card slot, designed for embedded devices which require secure communication (encryption/authentication).

It is build in a stacked structure, consisting of one PCI Express Mini Card to connect on a carrier board and one mezzanine card for another plug-on PCI Express Mini Card for, e.g., WLAN or Mobile (LTE) modem.

Enables Multiple Remote Tasks via Cloud

With the PX6, for example, any device can be easily integrated in a cloud environment. This may be required for maintenance, service or diagnostic purposes. In combination with a customer smart card plugged into the smart card slot, the PX6 provides secure authentication on the remote cloud server.

Secure Communication

The secure communication is realized with the mechanisms provided by VPN connection. Therefore, the smart card stores the certificate plus the private key used for authentication. In addition, the smart card is secured with a PIN before getting access to the private key.


  • Smart Card Interface for secure authentication to e.g. VPN server
  • Perfect extension for PCI Express Mini Cards with WLAN or Mobile (LTE) modem functionality
  • PCI Express Mini Card form factor
  • Compliant to ISO 7816 Smart Card Specification
  • Compatible with all PCI Express Mini Cards
  • -40 °C to +85 °C