PX5 - USB HID to Stereo Audio Interface

Analog Audio Interface

The PX5 is a PCI Express Mini Card providing an industry-grade USB HID to analog audio interface. It supports one differential stereo audio IN and one differential stereo audio OUT channel at line level.

Rugged Design for Rail and Aerospace

Thanks to its standardized form factor the PX5 can be used as an audio extension for CompactPCI and CompactPCI Serial systems as well as box and panel PCs.

Its rugged and compact design makes it especially suitable for the rail and aerospace markets, for example for ELA systems, in-flight and rolling stock entertainment systems, cockpit-to-passenger communication in planes, inter-phone or intercom systems.


  • PCI Express Mini Card form factor
  • USB interface for maximum compatibility
  • HID interface to operating system
  • 1 stereo input and 1 stereo output
  • Differential line inputs and outputs
  • Designed for cable lengths of up to 150 m
  • -40°C to +85°C