M43N - Mezzanine Card with 8 Relay Outputs

Multiple Relay Outputs

The mezzanine card M43N is a relay output M-Module for potential-free switching of eight signals. The status of each relay can be read out via "read-modify-write" access. The relays implemented guarantee highest reliability and long life. The board is based on the M-Module ANSI mezzanine standard and can be used as an I/O extension in any type of bus system, i.e. CPCI, VME or on any type of stand-alone SBC.

Flexible and Cost Saving

The M43N is fully compatible to the predecessor M-Module M43 which means no changes in application design are necessary. Appropriate M-Module carrier cards in 3U, 6U and other formats are available from duagon or other manufacturers.

Robustness and Long-Term Availability

The rugged board withstands shock and vibration for reliable operation and a longer product life-time. Therefore, it is also suited for use in rail and public transportation as well as in industrial process I/O applications.

With a guaranteed standard life-time of 7 years from product start, M43N facilitates the client’s life-cycle management by making the overall system available at least for this period of time.


  • 8 relay outputs
  • 1 A switching power per relay
  • One throw-over contact per relay
  • Output voltage range max. 48 V
  • No separate supply voltage
  • -40 °C to +85 °C