D442 - MVB Diagnostic System

duagon`s MVB diagnostic systems are designed for debugging MVB devices and networks. The diagnostic system is connected to a common PC. The user can operate the

diagnostic system in two operation modes:

In the MONITOR mode, the diagnostic system provides a complete set of commands to investigate MVB devices on the bus. Several interactive commands are available on a PC terminal console:

  • Read and write MVB process data
  • MVB network investigation with device status poll and scanning of all device ports
  • Self-learning BA (BA configuration is learned by listening on the MVB bus)

In the SERVER mode, the user applications can be programmed and executed on the PC which is connected to the diagnostic system. A full featured MVB programming

library is included in the diagnostic system to control a whole MVB network. The diagnostic system can be used with a common PC:

  • The D442 is connected through USB to the PC
  • The D412 is connected through RS232 to the PC
  • The D213 is a PCI card to be used in a standard PCI slot

The MVB interface of the D442/D412/D213 complies to the TCN standard IEC61375. It supports both wire based physical layers being on the market today (selectable by switch):

  • ESD+
  • EMD


  • All in one diagnostic system
  • MVB receiver insensitivity for improved noise immunity (selectable via order option)
  • Supports MVB type "EMD" and "ESD +"
  • Future MVB diagnostic application on demand
  • LabVIEW drivers for D442/D412/D213 can be ordered on request at duagon
  • Complete set of commands to investigate MVB devices on the bus
  • Available for all wired based physical layers on the market today