D114L - PC/104 MVB Interface

The D114L board series is an interface between railway vehicle equipment and the MVB Multifunction Vehicle Bus via "Process Data" communication. The D114L is cost optimized to applications with equal or less than 16 Process Data ports.

All MVB physical layers are supported (ESD+, EMD, OGF) and it fully supports MVB line redundancy.

The "UART Emulation" interface allows MVB communication without the need for a real time operating system. Hardware integration is very easy (8 registers and 8-bit access are needed, only).

The Platform is designed for harsh traction environment and is fully compliant to the EN 50155 standard.


  • EMD / ESD+
  • PD 16 / MD
  • PC/104
  • Easy-to-use UART Emulation
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • OGF Interface