D113 - PC/104 MVB Interface

The D113 is a multi-purpose MVB interface platform on a PC/104 footprint with enhanced processing power.

duagon's own MVB controller is implemented on FPGA and supports the up to 4096 process data ports. The train communication network interface complies with the TCN standard IEC 61375 up to class 4. The full set of MVB features are available:

Process Data

Message Data (optional)

Bus Administrator (optional)

Physical media: ESD, ESD+, EMD and OGF

The D113 is available with two different TCN software stacks:

MDFULL: Passive MVB interface with a duagon MVB controller.

SERVER2: Active MVB interface including the Message Data Real Time Protocol stack (MD RTP)

Each configuration is available with or without an integrated MVB Bus Administrator.

The D113 offers numerous hardware options including different connector types to adapt to any host system.

With duagon’s multi-card host driver kit, featuring an easy-to-use UART emulation, optimized process data drivers and application examples, the D113 can be integrated quickly and efficiently on any host system.

The D113 is designed for harsh rolling stock environment and is fully compliant with EN 50155 and EN 50121 standards e.g. by:

-40°C to 85°C operating temperature range

coating against humidity

enhanced EMI and vibration robustness


  • Up to MVB Class 4 support
  • Standardized host interface for fast system integration
  • Support for several physical layers: EMD, ESD and ESD+
  • -40 to +85°C operating temperature
  • Designed for harsh rolling stock environments, EN 50155 compliant