BL4 - 19" Insertion Frame for Large Box PCs

Accessory for duagon’s Box PCs

The mounting kit is an accessory for duagon’s 12 and 24-Port Robust Ethernet Switch Boxes and large box PCs like the BL72E. Using the mounting kit, the box can be inserted into a 19" cabinet.

Insertion Frame for 19" Cabinets

Having a width of 483 mm, a height of 64.9 mm and a depth of 437 mm, the frame fits standard 19" dimensions. The guiding rails can be extended to a depth of 687 mm.

Environmental Tests

The mounting kit has been tested for shock and vibration according to the railway standard EN 50155.


  • For insertion of box PCs into standard 19" cabinets
  • For Ethernet switches NL30, NL31, NL33, NL34
  • For box PC BL72E