duagon - engineering with a passion for railways

duagon is focused on enhancing railway progress. Our commitment was, is, and will always be to improve tomorrow’s mobility. In order to fulfil this double promise, we work on various areas related to this method of transportation: To make the integration of our work into each final project possible, we offer competitive prices, strict deadline observance and top quality upon delivery.

Software Track Systems

  • Design and development of operating programmes, incompatibility studies, landslides, etc…
  • Programming of railway interlocking SW.
  • V&V of SW and associated graphics.
  • Specification traceability.


  • Design and implementation of equipment on track and interlocking connection.
  • Complete Interlocking HW design (frames, energy, hosepipes, etc…).
  • Bills of pieces and materials.
  • Studies of railway signalling solutions.
  • Specification traceability.


  • Designing and development of all kinds of business applications for the railway sector, as well as of user interfaces for management and operation of railway lines.
  • Local operational control stations, and CTC and ATS control centres.
  • Automatic regulation software for any kind of railway line (metro, local, HSR, standard).
  • Parameterization of railway applications adapted to each project.
  • Verification and validation of railway systems.
  • Configuring, application deployment and infrastructure management.
  • Communication systems among diverse railway suppliers.


  • Technical documentation regarding manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance.
  • Transportation capacity studies.
  • RAMS documentation.
  • Electrical design and equipment wiring.
  • Mechanical design of parts.
  • Prototyping and in situ reconsideration.
  • Functional and non-functional tests.


  • Data preparation for ETCS and CBTC systems.
  • Data verification for ETCS and CBTC systems.
  • Coverage studies and incident analysis for CBTC radio systems.
  • Location analysis and frequency plan for CBTC.


  • Design and programming of user interfaces (HMI) for local control stations, and CTC and ATS rooms.
  • Parametrization of railway applications adapted to the project.
  • Verification and system validation for applications and user interfaces.
  • Equipment configuration.
  • Regulation configuring for train automated movement.


  • Communication systems, passenger and assistant information systems (CCTC, PA/PIS).
  • Technical office and document control for railway projects.


  • Signalling and energy systems.
  • Preparation of technical, administrative and financial documentation.


  • Support for railway signalling installation test (SAT, SIT and PAT).
  • Planning and trial plan management and commissioning advisement.
  • Subsystem test protocol.
  • Result analysis.


  • Development of software tools for engineering and railway applications.
  • Java technology, Angular.