AFCAutomated fare collections
ATCAutomatic train control
ATOAutomatic train operation
built-in web serverSecure server that can be used for diagnostics, firmware updates and implement customer-specific web pages
CAN GatewayController Area Network (CAN) Gateway
CBTCCommunications Based Train Control
CCTVClosed-circuit Television
CIPCommon Industrial Protocol - communication architecture for industrial devices
CLICommand-line interface
cyclic process dataContinuous data exchange sent at regular intervals to constantly monitor a device
DIN-RailIndustry standard type of rail used for mounting industrial computer modules
duagon IPProven intellectual property cores based on industry standards
DUAL HDLCHigh-Level Data Link Control with two channels
EMDElectrical Medium Distance
ESDElectrical Short Distance
ETBEthernet Train Backbone
FFFForm, Fit and Function, also known as F3 framework, are the main specifications that describe a specific component and determine replacement parts
FIPFactory Instrumentation Protocol, a standardized fieldbus protocol defined in the European standard EN 50170
FPGAField-programmable gate array, an integrated circuit where the functionality can be configured by the user
HVACControl systems for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Intelligent GatewayIntelligent gateways securely connect multiple IoT devices to a cloud-based service bridging various protocols
IoT GatewayInternet of Things gateway for IoT device-to-device or device-to-cloud communication
LONLocal Operating Network
LonWorksLocal Operating Network: network communication protocol for automation applications
LoRa GatewayLong-Range low-power IoT gateway
LTELong-Term Evolution - standard for wireless broadband communication
MVBMultifunction Vehicle Bus - a serial communication bus used in the train communication network to connect devices in rail vehicles
PISPassenger Information System
PoEPower over Ethernet
PROFINETOpen industry standard for communication over industrial Ethernet
RS232Serial communication standard for voltage and signal levels in data transmission
RS485Serial communication standard for electrical characteristics with bi-directional and multipoint systems support
TCMSTrain Control and Management System
TBNTrain Backbone Node
TCNTrain Consist Network
TCNTrain Communication Network
TCSTrain Control System
TCNTrain Control Network
Train backboneInter-consist train communication network
TrainnetTrain computer system for onboard railway applications
TRDPTrain Real Time Data Protocol
WorldFIPOpen system international fieldbus standard EN50170 used in various architectures.
WTBWire Train Bus