F405 - Railway I/O Board - Data Acquisition & Control

Multiple I/O Functions and Status Indication

The F405 provides multiple I/O functions especially for Automatic Train Operation (ATO).

All digital inputs can be operated with common GND or common positive voltage in the range of -110 V to +110 V. The pulse counter inputs can be used to connect a speed sensor and provide frequency and distance measurement as well as direction, standstill and rolling detection as built-in functions which are all integrated in the FPGA.

The board's high-side switching digital outputs support voltages in the range from 24 V to 110 V. The analog outputs provide the output value as voltage or as current. With their programmable cycle and pulse length, the PWM outputs are suitable for, e.g., engine power control.

The status of all inputs and outputs as well as the indication of OK and reset is shown via LEDs on the front panel.

Compact and Cost Saving

All I/O functions are located on one board and provided via one rugged I/O connector. This lowers the number of boards in the system, reducing system costs and minimizing the costs for maintenance and downtime.

Proven Components, Long-Term Availability

Due to its FPGA based design and the use of proven in use IP cores and hardware building blocks, the board provides reduced risk and effort as well as long-term availability.

Robustness and Safety Measures

The F405 provides safe and reliable operation. In case of software failures or host connection problems, the watchdog function sets the outputs to a default state. Reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection and readback function make the digital outputs safe and robust in use.

Designed for Harsh Environments

The F405 is designed for operation in a -40°C to +85°C temperature range according to EN 50155 class TX. The coated board withstands shock and vibration for reliable operation and a longer product life-time.

Designed for Rail Applications

The F405 is especially designed for in-vehicle railway applications, can be used in all train types and is compliant with EN 50155. With a guaranteed standard life-time of 10 years from product start, F405 facilitates the client’s life-cycle management by making the overall system available at least for this period of time.


  • 32-bit/33-MHz CompactPCI
  • 16 digital outputs, high-side switching (load to ground)
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 2 analog outputs, current and voltage
  • 2 PWM outputs
  • 2 pulse counter inputs
  • 6 isolation groups
  • Status LEDs for each I/O function
  • Watchdog (software supervision)
  • -40 °C to +85 °C
  • EN 50155 compliant