D532 - Multipurpose Communication Module

The D532 is a multi-purpose module, which supports a set of communication interfaces, including MVB, RS485, RS422, CAN and Current Loop.

The combination of field bus interfaces can be configured according to the application specific requirements.
A powerful 32-bit CPU enables customerspecific communication protocols and applications.

The module supports line redundant EMD and ESD+ physical layer. 
The MVB interface complies to the TCN standard IEC 61375 and supports devices up-to class 4 including process and message data and can act as bus administrator.

The D532 provides up to four RS485 or up to two RS422 on female SUB-D connectors.

Optionally the D532 can be equipped with two additional SUBD connectors, which provide up to two CAN interfaces or up to four Current Loop interfaces.

Four dedicated input pins allow "geographic addressing", i.e. all modules for one project are identical in stock but perform different functions on the vehicle.

Additionally, a command-line interface and an Ethernet interface are available for maintenance and diagnostic purposes.
duagon offers a webserver to access basic diagnostic data and to configure the device remotely.

Different module versions are intended to be used with nominal vehicle battery voltages from 24V to 110V.

The D532 is designed for the harsh traction environment and conforms to the EN 50121, EN 50155, and IEC 61373 standards, e.g. by:

  • -40 °C to +70°C ambient temperature range
  • coating against humidity
  • enhanced EMI and vibration robustness