D215E - Dual CompactPCI to Ethernet Interface

The D215E is a multi-purpose 10/100Mbit Ethernet interface for the CompactPCI bus (cPCI).

The interface is available with different communication stacks. The D215E includes two galvanically isolated Ethernet interfaces to connect individually to two Ethernet networks. It is also possible to use the D215E as a 3-port Ethernet switch. Optionally, the D215E incorporates circuitry for LAN bypassing which allows to use the D215E in ring and line topologies.

The D215E is engineered for harsh rolling stock environments and is fully compliant to EN 50155.

The D215E is not recommended for new designs


  • IPTCom / TRDP
  • Webserver
  • Flash File System
  • cPCI
  • 3U 19" Rack