D134E - PC/104 Ethernet Interface

The D134E interface platform is designed for maximum flexibility and provides different communication stacks commonly used in railway applications.

A client-server based software architecture approach enables the interface to be run on host systems, which do not provide stock ethernet capability.

Real time requirements are handled on the D134E system. The driver kit, which is running on the host system handles communication to the D134E board and provides the API to communicate on Ethernet.

Different real-time protocol stacks are available to fulfil the requirements for ethernet applications in railways. The D134E is a multi-purpose Ethernet interface platform. It is available with different communication stacks, to fulfil the traction requirements. To reduce the integration complexity, the communication is done through the well-known duagon Client-Server architecture. The internal logic is prepared for the "Ethernet on traction vehicles" standard IEC61375-3-4.

The D134E is designed for harsh traction environment: -40 °C to 85°C. Ambient temperature range. Tested against:

EN 50155/ EN 50121

IREE 802.3/ EN 61373

IEC 61375 (2007)

The D134E is not recommended for new designs


  • Integrated train manufacturer specific webservices
  • Hardware prioritisation within the duagon’s own Ethernet controller
  • Proprietary high-performance UDP Stack (optimised for cyclic process data telegrams)
  • Encapsulation of real-time Ethernet protocol stacks
  • Reducing CPU power on the Host System
  • Fully compliant to EN50128, EN50129, IEEE 802.3, EN 50155, EN 50121, IEC 61373 and IEC 61375