NM10 - Smart Managed 8-Port Railway Ethernet Switch (Produkt eingestellt)

Maintenance-Free and Extremely Rugged

The NM10 family is a range of fanless, smart managed and maintenance-free Ethernet switches, which have been specifically designed for use in rolling stock applications operating in extremely rugged environmental conditions.

Versatile Application Possibilities

The NM10 range of switches provide eight channels at the front panel, accessible through M12 connectors, covering different application requirements, and either 100 Mb or 1 Gb Ethernet interfaces.

Compliant to Railway Standards

The voltage supply for the NM10 Ethernet switch is designed for maximum flexibility and supports wide range input supply voltages from 14.4 V DC to 154 V DC, and meets all EN 50155 requirements for voltages ranging from 24 V DC to 110 V DC.

Conduction Cooled

The NM10 Ethernet Switch is designed for fanless operation at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °C, with up to +85 °C for 10 minutes. The NM10 features IP40 protection when surface-mounted and cooling fins which serve as a heat sink for the internal electronics, and in this way provides conduction cooling.

Familiar Family Concept

As a member of MEN's family of extremely rugged industrial network boxes, the NM10 provides the same flexibility and scalability, as well as a look and feel which is common to the family.


  • Smart managed 8-port rugged Ethernet switch
  • M12 D-, A- or X-coded connectors
  • 10/100 (Fast) or 10/100/1000 Mbit/s variants
  • Fanless and maintenance-free design
  • Ultra wide range power supply input (14.4 to 154 VDC) with interruption class S2
  • -40 °C to +70 °C (+85 °C)
  • Compliant to EN 50155 (railways)