M58 - Mezzanine Card with 32-bit TTL I/O Interface

The mezzanine card M58 is a TTL I/O M-Module which is used for fast and trouble-free transmission of binary signals. It is organized in four 8-bit groups, where each group can be programmed as an input or output. Every group supports active termination, which can be activated by software.

A trigger line allows simultaneous acquisition of the inputs of several groups - also on several modules - at a specific point of time.

All port lines are ESD-protected, but not optically isolated.

The M58 is basedon the M-Module ANSI mezzanine standard. It can be used as an I/O extension in any type of bus system, i.e. CPCI, VME or on any type of stand-alone SBC. Appropriate M-Module carrier cards in 3U, 6U and other formats are available from duagon or other manufacturers.


  • 32 TTL inputs/outputs
  • Output current per pin: max. 25 mA
  • Active terminators
  • Same line interface as SCSI
  • Fast 16-bit host access
  • -40 °C to +85 °C versions