D221 - PCI-Express Adapter Card

The D221 is a PCIe card providing slots for duagon PC/104 and PC/30 interfaces. This adapter card allows you to access duagon Ethernet, MVB and CAN interface cards through PCIe.

In combination with a duagon interface, the D221 can be used for software development, debugging and diagnostics. It is intended for laboratory use only. The D221 comes equipped with two front bezels for single and double slot installation. Furthermore, standoffs are included to easily mount duagon interfaces. The required PCIe driver is also included.

All duagon PC/30 interfaces (D015C, D015M, D015E) and all latest duagon PC/104 interfaces (D113, D114RS D134E, D135EC, D135EM, D153E, etc.) are supported.

The D221 is compliant to the PCI-Express Revision 1.1 and PC/104 (conformance level "compliant") specifications. The PC/30 serial line is available for FTDI communication.

The D221 is designed to be mounted in a computer's PCIe slot and can be used on any type of PCIe connector. Refer to d-019279-nnnnnn "D221 Assembly Instruction" for further information about mounting duagon interfaces.

The D221 is not recommended for new designs


  • PCIe Adapter card for software development, debugging and diagnostics
  • Compatible to all PC/30 and PC/104 interface cards from duagon
  • Compliant to any PCIe connector
  • Standardized host interface for fast system integration – the same software interface may be used for all duagon PC/30 and PC/104 interface products
  • Everything included for mounting different duagon interfaces
  • Standard Windows and Linux drivers available