DAXIO3410M - MVB Analog/digital I/O Module

The DAXIO3410M contains a versatile set of I/O channels and an MVB interface with different communcation stacks:

  • 32 bit controller
  • 4 digital in/out channels
  • 16 digital input channels (6 digital inputs optionally used as code inputs)
  • analog inputs for voltage or resistive measurements.

All digital channels have LED status indicators.

Different module versions support nominal vehicle battery voltages from 24Vdc to 110Vdc.

It is de­signed for the harsh traction environment (-40°C to 70°C) and tested against EN 50155 / EN­ 50121.


  • 3x Analog Input
  • 4x Digital Output
  • 16x Digital Input
  • Flash File System
  • 24 - 110Vdc
  • 32bit Controller