D220C - CAN Repeater

CAN Repeater


  • Network separation in case of failure
  • Integrated power supply 24V to 110V
  • Maintenance free
  • DIN Rail mounting

The D220C is a compact CAN repeater that connects two high speed CAN networks to a single logical CAN bus. With this repeater the amount of devices on the CAN bus and the range of the CAN bus can be increased. Furthermore both CAN ports on the D220C are fully galvanically isolated.

One special feature of the D220C is that it can separate a defective segment from another segment in the network. This makes sure, that the remaining network can continue operating. As soon as the defect has been eliminated, the segment will again be attached to the network.

The D220C is powered directly from the train battery (24V to 110V). There is no need for an additional DC/DC converter. The D220C is designed for harsh rolling stock environment and fully compliant to EN 50155, IEC 61375 and IEEE 802.3 network.


Further Products

D429R - MVB Repeater

  • EMD, ESD+, Mixed
  • Star Coupler
  • 3 MVB Segments
  • 24-110V

D510 - PoE Ethernet Switch

  • 24 - 110Vdc
  • Railway Applications
  • PoE Powered Device
  • PSE

D013 - MVB Interface / MVB Card

  • Small Sized 48 x 50mm
  • Full featured MVB Interface
  • EMD / ESD+
  • MVB Bus Administrator

D015E - PC/30 Ethernet Interface

  • PC/30, 40 x 85mm

D201 - ISA to PC/104 Adapter

  • ISA Interface
  • PC/104 Slot

D215E - cPCI Ethernet Interface

  • IPTCom / TRDP
  • Webserver


  • Height: 100mm
  • Depth: 120mm
  • MVB
  • Ethernet

D297 - MVB Cable

  • Complies to IEC 61375
  • 2 SUB-D connectors (male/female)
  • can also be used for ESD/ESD+ applications (lab use only).