D215 - cPCI MVB Interface

MVB cPCI Interface


  • 4096 PD Ports
  • MD-Stack
  • MVB Bus Administrator
  • cPCI
  • 3U 19" Rack
  • WinXP, Win7 32/64bit Drivers

The D215 is an MVB to CompactPCI interface and consists of a MVB controller chip, a local CPU and a cPCI slave interface.

Due to the 32-bit cPCI connector, the D215 can be inserted in any computer containing a CompactPCI slot.

The MVB interface of the D215 complies the TCN standard IEC 61375. It is available for all wire based physical layers being on the market today:

  • ESD+: This is the ESD as defined in the TCN standard, enhanced by a galvanic insulation (redundant MVB lines).
  • EMD: Transformer based interface (redundant MVB lines).

A Bus Administrator is available as an option.

It is designed for the harsh traction environment (-40°C to 70°C) and tested against EN 50155 / EN 50121.


Supporting devices



  • Height: 100mm
  • Depth: 120mm
  • MVB
  • Ethernet
D412 - MVB Diagnostic System

D412 - MVB Diagnostic System

  • EMD / ESD+
  • MVB Monitor
  • MVB Bus Administrator
  • 4096 PD Ports
D442 - MVB Diagnostic System

D442 - MVB Diagnostic System

  • EMD / ESD+
  • MVB Monitor
  • MVB Bus Administrator
  • 4096 PD Ports

Further Products

D522 WTB to Ethernet Gateway

  • Fritting without additional DC/DC converters
  • Configurable strong master, weak master and slave node
  • Cable redundancy Line A and Line B
  • Comparably small form factor

D543 - Sibas PN to MVB Gateway

  • Hardware prioritisation within the duagon own Ethernet controller
  • Full featured message data communication
  • Full range of 4096 process data ports
  • High flexibility for the software development due to the available APIs

DAXIO3410C - CAN Analog I/O Module

  • CAN 2.0
  • CANopen
  • J1939
  • 3x Analog Input

DXIO0808M - MVB Digital I/O Module

  • MVB EMD / ESD+
  • 8x Digital In-/Output
  • 14x Digital Input
  • Flash File System

D114RS - RS485-Interface

  • The "UART Emulation" interface is allows serial communication with the need for a real time operating system
  • Cost optimized interface card
  • Reducing CPU power on the Host System
  • Fully compliant to EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50155, EN 50121, IEC 61373 and IEC 61375

D153E - dual PC/104 Ethernet Interface

  • IPTCom / TRDP
  • Webserver

D533 - Ethernet to MVB Gateway

  • Integrated train manufacturer specific webservices
  • Hardware prioritisation within the duagon’s own Ethernet controller
  • Proprietary high-performance UDP Stack (optimised for cyclic process data telegrams)
  • Encapsulation of real-time Ethernet protocol stacks

i201 - Digital Input / Output Module

  • 16 Digital Inputs
  • Frequency Measurement
  • High Current Inputs
  • Overvoltage and Reverse Polarity Safe


  • Complies to IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 standards
  • Synchronized access to the channel