D533 - Ethernet to MVB Gateway

Ethernet - MVB Gateway


  • Integrated train manufacturer specific webservices
  • Hardware prioritisation within the duagon’s own Ethernet controller
  • Proprietary high-performance UDP Stack (optimised for cyclic process data telegrams)
  • Encapsulation of real-time Ethernet protocol stacks
  • Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3, EN 50155, EN 50121, IEC 61373 and IEC 61375

The D533 is an Ethernet-to-MVB carrier mount gateway with the following physical interfaces:

  • MVB on two 9-pin male/female SUB-S connectors,
  • Up to two Ethernet interfaces ETH0 and ETH1 on M12 (female, D-coded) connectors or headers.

The optional Ethernet interface ETH1 is intended to be used as a redundant line according to the IEC 62439 PRP protocol or as a separate channel for configuration.

The Ethernet interfaces comply with IEEE 802.3 and the internal logic supports the "Ethernet on traction vehicles" standard IEC 61375-3-4. The MVB interface complies to the TCN standard IEC 61375 and supports device up-to class 4 including process and message data, and the device can act as bus administrator.

duagon's gateways are available in two versions – as platform to build a customer-specific application or as gateway with a standard configurable gateway application. The platform version is accompanied by a development library that enables fast and efficient development of customer-specific applications.

The device can be powered directly from the vehicle battery supporting a wide range of supply voltages or it can be powered over Ethernet (PoE).

The D533 is designed for the harsh traction environment and conforms to the EN 50121, EN 50155, and IEC 61373 standards, e.g. by:

  • -40 °C to +85°C Ambient temperature range,
  • coating against humidity,
  • enhanced EMI and vibration robustness.


Supporting devices

D412 - MVB Diagnostic System

D412 - MVB Diagnostic System

  • EMD / ESD+
  • MVB Monitor
  • MVB Bus Administrator
  • 4096 PD Ports
D442 - MVB Diagnostic System

D442 - MVB Diagnostic System

  • EMD / ESD+
  • MVB Monitor
  • MVB Bus Administrator
  • 4096 PD Ports

Further Products

D429S - Communication Module

  • All ports on MVB, CAN, RS422 and RS485, as well as the sinksource relationship, are freely programmable
  • Full featured MVB bus administrator
  • MVB ESD+ and EMD physical layer are available
  • CAN 2.0a and 2.0b protocol with up to 1 Mbaud is supported

DAXIO3410E - Ethernet Analog I/O Module

  • IPTCom / TRDP
  • Webserver

D013 - MVB Interface / MVB Card

  • Small Sized 48 x 50mm
  • Full featured MVB Interface
  • EMD / ESD+
  • MVB Bus Administrator

D016M - PCIe MVB Interface

  • EMD / ESD+
  • MVB Bus Administrator
  • PCIexpress
  • PC/30+, 40 x 85mm

D211 - MVB Repeater

  • EMD, ESD+, Mixed
  • Redundant
  • 24-110Vdc, 5Vdc
  • 3U / 160mm

i012 - Compliant Power Module

  • 20 Watt Output Power
  • 24 - 110Vdc
  • Reverse Polarity Safe
  • Overvoltage Protection

i101 - MVB CPU Module

  • MVB Consist Network
  • 32bit ARM CPU @ 720MHz
  • 1 GB Flash File System
  • 256MB DDR2-RAM

i306 - WTB Module

  • IEC 61375 Compliant
  • Fritting 48V
  • Strong and Weak Master
  • Slave

D501/D502 Development Kit

  • - Phoenix Contact Plug with cable for power supply
  • - USB to Serial (RS232)
  • - Service Interface Adapter Print
  • - Ethernet Cable M12 to RJ45