D211 - MVB Repeater

The D211 is an MVB Repeater with 3U form factor. It connects two MVB segments to each other. Communication traffic from both sides is exchanged with the other side.

The transferred telegrams are refreshed with respect to their magnitude, jitter, frame timing and general plausibility.

The two MVB segments may be of type ESD+ or EMD. In case, they are of different type (one ESD+, one EMD), then all relevant timing differences between the two segments are automatically corrected.

Two identical halves support functional redundancy of the MVB repeater logic. Their functions are completely independent from each other.

It is designed for the harsh traction environment (-40°C to 70°C) and is fully compliant to theEN 50155 / EN 50121 standard.


  • EMD, ESD+, Mixed
  • Redundant
  • 24-110Vdc, 5Vdc
  • 3U / 160mm
  • 19" Rack