i202 - Digital Input/Output Module with 16 Channels

The i201 and i202 are intelligent digital I/O modules for the ionia™ system. i201 has 16 digital input channels whereas i202 has 8 digital input channels and 8 combined input/output channels. i202 has output read back functionality for implementing safety relevant applications.

All high current inputs (HCI) provide a sampling mechanism to discharge parasitic capacitances. The HCI feature can be switched on and off by the application software. Additionally, selected inputs can be configured as frequency or counter inputs.

Every output is short circuit protected and reports directly to the central unit. Moreover, selected output channels can be configured as PWM output channels.

The configuration registers and all input/output states are accessible by the central unit through a fast and secure point-to-point connection (duagon serial star slave)

i201 and i202 have independent supply voltage feeds, which allows separately fused I/O circuits.

A built-in supervisory mechanism called «Condition Monitoring» can detect and report different informations like the supply voltage, the temperature on the module, overcurrent of the separate channel, etc. In this way the CPU is able to detect any off-limit usage.

Configuring the i201/i202 is done easily and time saving by using one of the five methods defined by IEC 61131.

The i201 and i202 are designed for harsh rolling stock environments and is fully compliant to EN 50155.


  • Intelligent controller features such as PWM, frequency counter, etc.
  • Configurable status LEDs on each channel for easy diagnostics
  • Independent supply voltage feeds, enable separately fused circuits
  • driving direction and velocity measurement
  • «Condition Monitoring» for detailed diagnostics
  • No capacitor replacement necessary
  • No need for physical addressing (duagon serial star controller)
  • Complies to EN 50155, EN 50121, IEC 61373