F218 - Embedded Slave CPU Board with PowerPC MPC8314 (Product Discontinued)

The F218 is a 3U 4HP CompactPCI slave CPU card which can be used as an Ethernet diagnosis buffer. It communicates with the host CPU board via Ethernet. The F218's processor is connected to the CompactPCI bus via the FPGA. The connection is realized via two Ethernet controllers inside the FPGA so that the host CPU board sees the F218 as an Ethernet device. This kind of connection is similar to a front connection of 2 CPU boards via Ethernet cable.

The F218 is controlled by the PowerPC MPC8314, an e300 core processor with a performance of up to 266 MHz. The core is built on Power Architecture technology and is a cost-effective, low-power, highly integrated processor that addresses the requirements of industrial applications.

As memory the F218 offers 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM, 16 MB Flash and optionally 1 MB non-volatile FRAM.

Two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and one serial interface which is realized via an additional SA-Adapter are available at the front panel. As an option, the onboard FPGA offers the possibility to realize an additional Fast Ethernet and two UART interfaces which can be accessed via SA-Adapters on a second front panel slot.

The F218 is qualified for operation in a -40°C to +85°C temperature range. It operates in VxWorks and Linux environments and is supported by the U-Boot Universal bootloader. The boards boots a VxWorks-supported BSP in less than 2 seconds.


  • 32-bit/33-MHz CompactPCI
  • 4HP peripheral slot or stand-alone function
  • PowerPC MPC8314, 266 MHz
  • Host CPU communication via Ethernet
  • Ultra fast boot: 2 seconds max.
  • Flexible FPGA-Flash structure
  • 256 MB SDRAM, 16 MB Flash
  • Front I/O: 2 Gb Ethernet, 1 UART via SA-Adapter
  • Rear I/O: user-defined via FPGA (option)
  • -40 °C to +85 °C