D523 - WTB to CAN Gateway

The D523 is an IEC 61375 WTB Gateway with two WTB medium attachment units (MAU), which allows the physical connection to the train bus.

Line A and B interfaces are galvanically isolated (enabling cable redundancy) have an optional built-in fritting mechanism. The integrated WTB controller, realized in an FPGA with duagon IP, can be configured to act as a strong or weak master or as a slave. The UIC 556 mapping server, is running on a high performance ARM-A8 processor.

An on-board controller handles all the traffic on the CAN consist network as well as the complex protocols. Additionally, the D523 offers digital input or output channels.

built-in supervisory mechanism can detect and record any off-limit usage The service interfaces, through Ethernet and USB, offer quick access to these diagnostic informations.

Developing the train management application is done easily and time-saving by one of the five methods defined by IEC 61131

The WTB Gateway is connected directly to the train battery (24V to 110Vdc), is designed for harsh rolling stock environments and is fully compliant to EN 50155.


  • Dual MAU & Fritting
  • CAN Interface
  • IEC 61131
  • 24 - 110Vdc
  • UIC Mapping Server
  • 8 Inputs
  • 8 Inputs or Outputs
  • 32bit ARM CPU