D429R - MVB Repeater

The D429R MVB Repeater connects two MVB segments to eachother. Communication traffic from both sides is exchanged with the other side.

As an option, three MVB segments can be connected together (star coupler).

The transferred packets are refreshed with respect to their magnitude, jitter, frame timing and general plausibility.

The MVB Repeater is completely transparent to all kind of bus traffic (layer 1 device).

The internal logic function is completely automatic and there is no configuration needed for MVB device addresses, PD trafficor Bus Administrator lists and the like.

The D429R is directly powered from the vehicle battery (24 V up to 110 V).

The D429R is designed for harsh rolling stock environments and is fully compliant with the standards EN 50121 / EN 50155 / EN 61373.


  • MVB ESD+ and EMD physical layer are available on all threesegments
  • The number of nodes within one MVB system increases beyond the maximum number of 32 nodes for one segment.
  • The total amount of cable length increases beyond the limits for one segment (approx. 150 m to 200 m).
  • Using several segments, the overall width of a logical MVB system may now span several vehicles within a fixed train set, replacing a much more expensive train bus.
  • Stainless steel housing for mounting on DIN rail or by screws