MVB - Multifunction Vehicle Bus for train and railway.

Easy solution for train communication network.

Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) for perfect communication and control solutions on train and railway. This is our profession at duagon®. Therefore we are proud to be the leader in the rolling stock market. Superior solutions for train networks using WTB, Ethernet and CAN besides the MVB. More information, your benefits, further products and extensions to our highlight: Multifunction Vehicle Bus.

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Functionality of MVB by duagon®

Multifunction vehicle bus (=MVB) is a bus used mostly for the transmission of data in the sector of railroads on trains. It is mostly used in the train communication network or with the wire train bus (WTB). With the second potential use, data can be transmitted even over the entire train.

MVB and your benefits.

Our product and technology portfolio allows our customers to build up a complete train communication and control infrastructure.

Customers benefits are our long-term experience in train communication technology (e.g. according to standards like TCN, IEC 61375). 

Further advantages:

  • specialized know-how
  • reduced project costs
  • reduced engineering efforts
  • first class support 
  • serve customers worldwide
  • lifetime support and service

You can be sure to get the highest quality and latest technology.

Overview of information:

  • New possibilities: Secure and fast data transmission
  • Benefits: Compatible trains worldwide
  • Areas of application: Trains, up to high-speed trains 
  • System applications: Operates with 1.5 Mbps via twisted wire pairs and via optical fibers. It is structured with two channels to guarantee a higher reliability of transmission.

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