Life cycle management services

support for the operation and maintenance of embedded hardware throughout the entire life cycle

duagon life cycle management (LCM) services provide support for the operation and maintenance of embedded hardware throughout the entire life cycle. Whether it is consulting on obsolescence management, support with life cycle extension, or cyber security services, we bring our knowledge to every product phase.

  • Active obsolescence management
  • Material compliance reporting
  • Life cycle extension
  • Fix level services
  • Cyber security services

LCM services focus on the process from market launch, or completion of a marketable product, to its removal from the market. This includes, for example, the analysis of the customer’s product portfolio as well as creating a product life cycle extension plan.

System Integration Services

Our software competence includes the provision of controller applications, OS setup and maintenance (LINUX/ QNX), software porting on our hardware and processor virtualization (Multi OS solutions).

Active Obsolescence Management

We start with a proactive life cycle analysis of the product portfolio (design life status), including the long-term availability of the products (risk indication). Then, to minimize the risk of unexpected obsolescence, we include a plan of obsolescence-driven redesigns, as well as additional services such as stock keeping, for example.

Life Cycle Extension

To extend the service life of products, we offer a life cycle extension plan based on customer specific expectations. Our offer includes proof of manufacturability for EOL (end-of-life) products, and we also take over the production of end-of-life (EOL) products. Additionally, we offer last-time-buy stock management by storing components (and test systems) with long-term availability. This includes proactive redesign and escrow services, and the collection of all requested information.

Fix Level Services

To keep our customers informed about any technical changes of our products, we offer different fix levels (on a scale of 0 to 3). Depending on the fix level, we inform of changes with varying degrees of detail. From fix level 2, the customer also has a say in available modifications, to offer the best possible solution to meet their specific needs.

Cyber Security Services

We offer cyber security services for our products in the customer context with the required security level according to IEC 62443.  The standard is achieved by using certified security processes in engineering and production and adding hardware and software security features to our products.

This can be an out-of-the-box unique, certificate-based identification using a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or the integrated software features of our software packages. Basic, extended and advanced security feature packages are offered for a growing number of standard software products.

Services offered with security enabled products are Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA), PEN testing and security updates. Vulnerability monitoring is implemented to constantly monitor the security status of the product’s hardware and software components.

Material Compliance Reporting

To get transparency of the product components, we offer an analysis of RoHS and REACH and detailed reporting such as status and expiration data for every single component. Additionally, we inform our customers of the recyclability rate on product level, fire and smoke certificates (FCIL file creation) and counterfeit risk prevention. We offer an analysis of risk percentage and the number of counterfeit reports from suppliers. We provide reliability data on component level (RAM services), including MTBF, FIT rate, life expectation calculations and component obsolescence risk analysis.