319  Treffer
  • M36N, Mezzanine Card with 8/16 Analog Inputs, 16 Bits

    3390 04M036N M36N Mezzanine Card with 8/16 Analog Inputs, 16 Bits M-Module The M36N is an M-Module with 8 differential voltage or current inputs, or 16 single-ended voltage or current inputs and 16 bi

  • D221, PCI-Express Adapter Card

    409617 D221 D221 PCI-Express Adapter Card The D221 is a PCIe card providing slots for duagon PC/104 and PC/30 interfaces. This adapter card allows you to access duagon Ethernet, MVB and CAN interface

  • D220C, CAN Repeater

    409616 D220C D220C CAN Repeater The D220C is a compact CAN repeater that connects two CAN networks to a single logical CAN bus. With this repeater the number of devices on the CAN bus and the range of

  • D217, MVB Interface

    409615 D217 D217 MVB Interface The D217 is an MVB to PMC (PCI-Mezzanine-Card) interface and consists of a MVB controller chip, a local CPU and a PMC slave interface. The MVB interface of the D217 comp

  • D215E, Dual CompactPCI to Ethernet Interface

    409225 D215E D215E Dual CompactPCI to Ethernet Interface The D215E is a multi-purpose 10/100Mbit Ethernet interface for the CompactPCI bus (cPCI). The interface is available with different communicati

  • D213, MVB Diagnostic System

    409614 D213 D213 MVB Diagnostic System duagon`s MVB diagnostic systems are designed for debugging MVB devices and networks. The diagnostic system is connected to a common PC. The user can operate the

  • D212, MVB Star Coupler

    409197 D212 D212 MVB Star Coupler The D212 connects a wire based MVB segment to at least one, in maximum up to five OGF Optical Glass Fiber bus segments. The transferred telegrams are refreshed with r

  • D210, MVB Repeater Single/Redundant

    409196 D210 D210 MVB Repeater Single/Redundant The D210 connects two MVB segments to each other. Communication traffic from both sides is exchanged with the other side. The transferred telegrams are r

  • D205E, Ethernet Interfaces Development Board

    409613 D205E D205E Ethernet Interfaces Development Board The D205E is an evaluation board for the duagon D013E (Ethernet) and the D015 (MVB/Ethernet/CAN) interfaces. It allows full access through seri

  • D205, MVB interfaces development board

    409612 D205 D205 MVB interfaces development board The D205 is an evaluation board for two duagon MVB controllers (D013 and D015). It allows full access to MVB controller through serial interface, with